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Printers, copiers, monitors, keyboards and even your computer’s mouse — if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s that they all need periodic repair and/or servicing. Even the latest and most durable of devices will eventually need an update or repair of some kind. And who do you call when these needs arrive? Small business tech support IT services — those who can provide transparent diagnostics and upfront information on parts and service pricing.

Providing IT support for small businesses is what Aegis IT Services excels at. Our trained professionals provide on-site assessment of your individual needs, and we offer the following services:

Small business office equipment today exceeds the phone, fax and printer of yesteryear. That’s why our trained experts provide laser printer, copier, MFP, scanner, monitor, keyboard and mouse service & repairs that will exceed your expectations. For printers, our goal is always to determine the correct solution on our first visit — period!

When any trusty hardware or software goes on the blink, it can be confusing to know who to call. Will the repair company know your particular machine brand? Do they stock or can they install any needed parts? Can they even be trusted to perform an honorable and cost-effective repair? At Aegis IT Services, we keep abreast of what’s on the market and how to service it. In a word, we can service any device that’s on the market today.

In accordance with professional protocol, our FREE diagnostics service is designed to provide you with a fast and accurate assessment of the work required to repair your laptop, notebook or desktop computer. Before any charges are applied or additional work is performed, we’ll contact you, the customer, with the diagnostic results and the cost of parts and labor should you opt to proceed.

At Aegis IT Services, we provide premier technical support for small businesses. Our aim is to comprehensively assist small businesses in need of IT management and support. To diagnose and provide IT management for your businesses in the most cost-effective manner.

We are a one-stop IT solutions company, thereby saving you the time, money and inconvenience that researching multiple fixes and solutions for your business can entail.
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