IT Solutions for Your Business

 In this 21st century digital age, computer systems and networks constitute the fabric of daily business operations. They also constantly change, break down and require periodic repair and updating. For small business operators in the Harrisburg, Lancaster and York areas, look no further when it comes to IT solutions for your business.
Aegis IT Services is a premier business IT service company that understands and specializes in addressing your computer hardware and IT needs.
We are a one-stop shop for repairing, monitoring and integrating new devices and systems. Since 2011, we have worked with local businesses in Harrisburg, Lancaster and York to provide quick and efficient IT solutions. And we take pride in the professional and personal touch we bring to our service.

Finding the Right Solutions

When faced with resolving technical issues, repairing or upgrading your computer system, many factors come into play. At Aegis IT Services, we work closely with you to ensure core considerations are professionally and cost-effectively addressed:
On-site Consultation
Computer systems and networks can be complicated. This is where we step in to help with the confusion. We have professionals who can visit your location in Harrisburg, Lancaster and York to give you the best idea of what your business needs. Only a thorough evaluation of your on-site equipment, can help us determine this most effectively.
Purchasing Options

Choosing the most cost-effective IT options for your business can be somewhat intimidating and confusing. Our IT specialists are here to help you find and purchase a system that will be the cutting-edge, cost-effective IT solution you’ve been looking for.

Specific Requirements
Your business needs pertain to the services you provide and the products you sell. That’s why our professional team of IT consultants are here to answer your questions on the implementation of new systems or on the upgrading of old systems. Moreover, we offer cost analysis services to ensure you do not overspend on IT solutions.

Your IT Partner

In the interest of landing the best bang for your buck, it is understandable that, as a small business, you might consider outsourcing your IT solution needs. With Aegis IT Services, we provide one-stop, full-service small business IT solutions to all our clients.

We do not outsource our services through any other third party companies which means you’ll have consistent and transparent communication throughout the process. No question will be left unanswered and no solution undiscovered — guaranteed!
Call us at (717) 995-8600, and together, we’ll take your business to the next level.