Computer Security Tips to Teach Your Team Today!

Most businesses today cannot function without a networked computer system. The problem is that if computer security isn’t your business, as is the case for most of us, your employees may not know the basics about using a computer safely. With the frequency of cyberattacks rising in today’s culture, using a computer and security go hand in hand.

The good news is, you can teach your team good computer habits to help protect them and your business from cybersecurity risks. Here are some useful security tips for computers for your business staff.

1. Passwords

More and more computer networks and applications are using multiple access protection protocols, but passwords are still the most common way to protect systems and data. Regardless of what people are always told, some still create passwords that are easy to guess or leave them written down somewhere someone unauthorized can gain access to them.

Make sure your employees are in the habit of creating hard-to-guess passwords, protecting them from view and changing them frequently.

2. Scams

Hackers will use anything and everything at their disposal to gain entry to a system. Train your employees to always be suspicious of any requests for passwords or sensitive information. Make a list of the most common phishing scams and require that all of your employees familiarize themselves with them. Naturally, employees should be trained never to click unfamiliar links or download email attachments from unfamiliar sources.

3. Personal Security

Leaks don’t just come from a lack of good anti-malware software. Make sure all of your employees take responsibility for their own security. Have them password-protect their computers and make sure they never leave them unattended without having the password lock on. At the end of the day, employees should take home their laptops or make sure they are safely locked away.

4. Safe Data Transmission

Employees should be sure only to send data across secure lines to secure websites (https) that encrypt data so it is much harder for anyone to hack in. Employees should also be using your company’s secured wireless network to send and receive data — not a personal wireless network or cellular phone lines.

5. Firewalls and Anti-Virus Software

As a manager, you should be sure to provide your employee computer network with a strong firewall and all the latest anti-virus and anti-malware software. Hackers are coming up with new programs to invade your system all the time. It’s a cyber arms race and you need to continually update your protection to stay ahead of the hackers. Making sure you have a secure network with up-to-date protections is much cheaper than dealing with a data breach in many cases.

Once you have your security system in place, make sure your employees know how to install it and how and when to install patches and upgrades.

Let Aegis IT Services Help Your Staff Practice Safe Computer Security Procedures

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