Phone Systems

In the hustle of online communication options, your main business phone system is often the one that is most neglected. Sure, your phone system may operate reasonably well in most departments, but how up-to-date is it? And is your phone system keeping pace with all the latest analog features, concomitant with a professional-cut office environment?

In a word, is your phone setup for small business in need of an upgrade? If so, the experts at Aegis IT Services can help.

Our seasoned team of tech professionals are your one-stop provider for all small business phone setups in the Harrisburg, Lancaster and York area.

Whether it’s the popular small business PBX phone system or the VOIP system for small businesses, our highly trained experts can assist you every step of the way. Our technical expertise covers the gamut of small business phone technology and includes the following areas:

If you’re needing to choose a new small business phone system, our experts are on hand to engineer the perfect solution for you. We understand that the choices can be perplexing. Finding the most streamlined and efficient system for your particular office environment is what Aegis IT Services does best. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the work involved in switching to something new. We can run cables, install software, configure the system and also provide training for you and your employees.

As much as you might love the familiar fixtures in your working environment, there comes a time when, if your business is to keep pace with more cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions, upgrading your current phone system will take precedence. This is where our tech experts can help you. Our team will work with you to find the phone system that best suits your company. We work with a variety of systems including business analog phone service, small office PBX and VOIP setup for small business. If the small business phone system is on the market, we can install, configure and maintain it for you.

Over the past twenty years, the business phone industry has gone through many exciting changes. The shift from landline to VOIP and cloud-based technology, has opened up new possibilities in communication. More phone lines (without the hardware), and multiple hi-tech features such as auto attendant and email voicemail, are all inexpensively available. So whatever new communication features you are considering, our experts can install and train you in the phone software of your choice.

With such new infrastructure developments in the business phone industry, it’s important to keep abreast of the technology options available to you.

For professional consultation on business analog phone systems, PBX for small office use, or any small business phone setup in Harrisburg, Lancaster and York, call us today at (717) 480-4759. We are experts in the installation and maintenance of the best IT solutions for your business.