Making Wi-Fi available to customers and guests is a standard courtesy for businesses in a wide range of industries. However, wireless networking isn’t as simple as giving out your password whenever someone asks for it. There are practical, financial and security considerations to take into account — whether to allow guest access is just one of many things to think about when setting up your IT infrastructure.

That’s why it’s important to work with an IT consultant you can trust. Aegis IT Services can assist with small business wireless setup for organizations in Harrisburg and throughout Central PA. With our expertise, you can choose the right combination of equipment and services, then set up a system that’s convenient for guests while minimizing risk and expense for your organization.

here are several reasons it’s crucial to provide your customers with fast, reliable and secure internet access. Doing so:

  • Makes your space more attractive and welcoming to guests
  • Encourages guests to stay longer and spend more
  • Makes information accessible to visitors
  • Creates unique opportunities for branding and marketing

Most hotels, coffee shops and restaurants already offer free Wi-Fi to their customers, but there’s no reason why retailers, service providers and other businesses can’t benefit, too. For residential and commercial property managers, building-wide Wi-Fi makes apartments and office space more attractive to potential renters.

While there are obvious benefits to wireless networking, there are potential risks for businesses, as well. Shared Wi-Fi networks can leave you vulnerable to hacking and put your sensitive data at risk. If there’s a security issue with a dedicated customer Wi-Fi system, it will reflect poorly on your business, potentially leaving you open to liability or reputational damage.

On a more practical level, you want to make sure customers aren’t taking undue advantage of your Wi-Fi network, and that unauthorized users aren’t stealing your bandwidth.

While it may seem like a simple thing to offer Wi-Fi access in your business, understanding the complex logistical and security considerations can be challenging. Aegis IT Services can assist organizations of any size with all their IT needs, whether it’s something as simple a security checkup or a more complicated project, like setting up an office or hotel Wi-Fi network.

In your initial consultation, we’ll review your current IT infrastructure and identify potential weak spots or other issues that could affect system reliability. If you’re considering offering protected Wi-Fi access to your guests, we can implement a dedicated system that keeps your back-of-house network secure.

Aegis IT Services has more than 14 years of experience in providing small business wireless network setups for Central PA clients. In that time, we’ve seen technology evolve considerably — our team has remained on the cutting edge while maintaining our commitment to finding smart, budget-friendly solutions for everyone we work with. To learn how we can help you, call our office or contact us online today.