From server failures and outages to virus attacks and intellectual property theft, the world of computing is wrought with many potential risk factors. Having small business computer support that you can rely on, is of paramount importance in staying ahead.

With so many small business computer support services vying for your attention these days, it can be unnerving to find the trusted professionals your small business needs. Some claim expertise with certain PC models and brands, while others come with questionable credentials.

At Aegis IT Services small business computer support, our highly-trained technicians have many years of experience with all laptop, notebook and desktop computer repairs. If you are in need of small business computer support in the greater Harrisburg and Lancaster area, take a moment to learn about the range of small business computer service resources we offer:

Our FREE diagnostics service is designed to provide you with a fast and accurate assessment of the work required to repair your laptop, notebook or desktop computer. Before any charges are applied or additional work performed, we’ll contact you, the customer, with the diagnostic results and the cost of parts and labor so you can decide whether or not to proceed.

In this era of computer hacking activity, many threats involve insidious, multi-stage attacks with sophisticated techniques to evade detection. Consequently, stealing sensitive PC data has become easier for many hackers. Our top-of-the line small business computer service protection software will stop such advanced, nondescript threats to your data. And the good news: You don’t have to purchase larger servers or additional PC’s to get the resources you need. Our small business computer support services will handle all that for you!

The exponential growth of data is becoming more diversified across many cloud options and virtual environments. In the event of a site outage, we can help you consolidate a data protection plan that will put your mind at ease with our computer services for small businesses. Even for complex multi-level workloads, we have the software wherewithal to help you create disaster recovery plans that will operate reliably with your business computer hardware.

The main concern when computer workstations need to be replaced is ensuring confidential and private data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Deleting old files and emptying the recycle bin won’t cut it. Our trusted Small business computer support professionals know how to securely erase private data on your old hard drives, can offer ideas on repurposing old hardware, and on how to get rid of them with proper e-waste recycling. Need to get rid of an old computer workstation? Call us at Aegis IT Services, and we will work with you to complete the task efficiently and professionally.

For professional consultation on small business computer services in in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Reading, and Central PA, call us today at (717) 995-8600.