Aegis IT Services has been working with business owners around Harrisburg, Lancaster and York since 2011. Over this period, our team of IT business consulting professionals, in addition to providing all your computer hardware needs, has expanded to provide the following business services:
We specialize in small business phone setup and upgrading small business phone systems. Our team of experts will help you to find the phone system that best suits your business needs. From running the lines to configuring the system, to teaching you and your dedicated staff, we will have your company running with cutting-edge features in no time. We can help with a variety of systems including VoIP, Analog, or PBX.

Given the pivotal role of your network infrastructure, it is imperative to have uninterrupted service and uptime. As your reliable professional advisor, Aegis IT monitors the activity of your network 24/7, ensuring all systems are operating normally. Our approach is to identify issues before they arise, and thus offset any costly downtime. Network management is our specialization. Our technical expertise in small business network solutions is your guarantee of saved time and money.

Surveillance systems are extremely effective in preventing criminal theft and vandalism. As well as providing a compelling visual deterrent, the footage that surveillance systems provide can be used in evidence against theft, property damage and burglary — thus ensuring substantial savings for the small business owner in the long term.

In this digital cloud age, why not take advantage of Aegis IT Services’ ​cost effective document digitization? This service allows you to scan, store and manage your documents securely online. With a secure cloud-based backup system for all your files, you will no longer need the proverbial rows of filing cabinets, and you will have access to your files from any location.

If you are looking to design a website for increased customer traffic, we offer simple and effective website building options. In addition to designing and supporting your website, we will design a specific keyword base for search engine optimization.

Aegis IT offers three levels of service that include critical 24/7 monitoring for servers. These include:

  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Priority Outrage Response
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • On-Site Support
  • User Account Administration
  • Network Access Control
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Antivirus Application Management
  • License Compliance

Aegis business IT consulting services in the Harrisburg, Lancaster and York region, are a one stop shop for consulting, installation, service and monitoring. Call our team of experts today, and we’ll work directly with you to find the best solution for your business needs.

We have the expertise and experience to build your business network from the ground up or work to upgrade and expand your existing hardware infrastructure.

Contact us today at (717) 995-8600