Small Business IT Security: How Can Your Business Prevent IT Security Risks?

If you’re a small business owner, you probably have security cameras and other means of keeping your building and business properties safe from outside threats. In recent years though, the biggest threats have come in the form of tech-savvy people posing online risks for small businesses and their IT security.
If your online presence is hacked, you can lose everything — including that which you thought was protected by passwords.
Aegis IT Services can help you with data security for your small business. We can help your small business implement IT security policies and software — all to protect you from several IT security risks:

1. Provide Security for Employee’s Personal Devices

If you have a use-your-own device policy at work, you could be unintentionally creating security risks. With employees now using their personal devices, such as cell phones and computers, for work tasks, the security risk for small businesses has increased significantly. If these devices become breached by outsiders, vital business data can be threatened.
To stop this, we can help your company develop strict policy guidelines and inform employees what tasks are safe to do on their personal devices and those that are not. Data security for a small business is the highest priority, which is what we at Aegis IT Services are experts at.
One solution we can provide is to set up a VPN for remote access to your business documents and information. A VPN, also known as a Virtual Private Network, is used to add privacy and security to both private and public networks. VPN’s are used by many businesses to protect their valuable and sensitive business information, regardless of the source of internet being used by the employee.
You can also provide your employees with anti-virus software — and at minimum, require they install it on their personal computers before allowing them to access business documents through their personal devices. Anti-virus software is valuable because it can often prevent, detect and remove malicious viruses found on computers.

2. Monitor for Security Issues With Software, Password Requirements and a Security Partner

Most small businesses do not have an IT technician to track their security issues. If this is the case, often business owners find that they are too late to stop a breach in their security system.

Many small business owners try to offset this risk by installing a monitoring software, but when using this type of software, you spend valuable time keeping up with the constant software updates. Someone must be responsible for monitoring the security tools your business uses. We can help you avoid adding this task to your daily routine.
Another solution for additional IT security is to update your passwords frequently. The best passwords are often the hardest to remember, but provide the highest amount of data security for your small business. By frequently changing passwords and keeping track of those who you grant access to your sensitive business information and passwords, you can help put a stop to some of the simpler security breaches. As a business owner, be sure to update passwords and information as your staff that has access to it changes.

3. Opt for Data Encryption and Storage

Another solution Aegis IT Services can implement for your business is data encryption. Data encryption can be very useful for your small business because a person must have the password to decipher it. Information that you do not encrypt can be read in plain text and is much more vulnerable than data that’s encrypted.
We can also help with moving your data to a secure, cloud-based storage system. Cloud storage maintains, manages and backs up business data in real-time. A cloud makes for a valuable backup if physical documents are lost or damaged, which is why we highly recommend using the cloud for your data storage.

Contact Aegis IT Services to Partner With Us for Your Small Business Security Needs

These solutions might sound like a big task for your small business to implement yourself, especially if you do not have an IT technician on your team. Aegis IT Services can help you implement these strategies and provide your small business with a high-level IT security partner.
If you don’t have cameras already installed, we can do that too. A CCTV security system adds protection to your building. Through us, both your physical and intellectual property will be much more secure, and you can avoid the headaches that come along with future security breaches.
Aegis IT Services is a full-service IT company that provides your business with the utmost protection. We can recommend the best systems for your business, help with purchasing materials and software and give full support to setting up and maintaining your IT systems.
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