Tech Trends That Could Help Your Small Business

Technology is constantly evolving. When it comes to small business and technology, this means there are constantly new tech trends that, when used properly, could help your company compete with the big guys. The bad news is that if you don’t stay on top of these small business technology trends, your competitors could use them to get ahead of you.

Here are some current trends in technology for business that if you’re not aware of, it could be in your best interest to investigate.

1. Remote Offices

One of the biggest current trends in business communication is the idea of the remote office. Thanks to services like Skype and Zoom and the ubiquity of Wi-Fi — communications that allow people to communicate almost instantly over long distances — there are fewer and fewer reasons for people to gather in a central location. If you have employees who do most or all of their work sitting in front of a computer, there’s no reason they can’t do that work somewhere else.

With today’s technology, you may not need a physical headquarters at all. There are even services that allow you to easily rent professional conference spaces for a few hours if you need to meet with clients. This can mean dramatically reduced overhead and can also serve as an enticement to talented employees who appreciate the added freedom and flexibility.

2. eCommerce

These days, new business trends often mean online business trends. eCommerce is nothing new, but its importance in the global marketplace is constantly growing. If you sell a product, you simply must have a way for people to order it online. Selling online is cheap for you and convenient for your clients and you can reach many, many more customers online than you can with a storefront.

3. Live Video

Another of the most popular current business communication trends that some small businesses may be reluctant to adopt is the use of live video. Featuring live, streaming video online of people using your product or service, or of special events your company is putting on or participating in, is a great way to increase consumer engagement and get more people talking about and interested in your company and the goods or services you provide.

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Great technology doesn’t help if you don’t know how to use it! What is the right video conferencing service to use? How can you monitor remote employees? How do you set up an effective eCommerce website? These are all questions you shouldn’t assume the average small business owner could, or should, know the answers to.

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